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Our Team

Prime Health Associates
Kevin White, MD

Kevin White, MD

Dr. White is focused on the applied science of longevity and wellness.  His goal is for patients to live long, live better, optimize performance, and increase lifespan while improving healthspan and enriching cognition, and physical and emotional health. This occurs by delaying the onset of chronic disease. Simply stated, Dr. White helps you be the best version of yourself. 


Dr. White is a traditionally trained physician. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, he went on to complete residency training in emergency medicine & trauma at Washington University in St. Louis, then completed board certification. After many years in Emergency Medicine, Dr. White saw an opportunity to further help his patients through functional medicine, so he obtained extensive fellowship training in integrative and functional medicine, nutrition, and age management.

Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan

Emma is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, raw food chef, and plant-based sports nutritionist. She has dedicated her career to working with people and helping them feel their best and can’t imagine doing anything else.


After living through cancer, multiple auto-immune diseases, eating disorders, and a long list of ailments, she realized that this life was meant to be lived, and it was her choice how to live it. Whether it was sick and tired or alive and thriving - the choice was hers. Working with clients means sharing her love of health and wellness with other people while being their accountability partner and the coach she wished she had when needed most.


She loves to talk about nutrition and the simplicity of healthy lifestyles, but also likes to talk about the hard stuff, too. Mental and emotional mindset goes hand-in-hand with eating behavior, so you better bet we are going to work on it all. No one ever said it was going to be easy - but it will most certainly be worth it.

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