**We have a DEXASCAN in office, which is the gold standard to evaluate body composition, total body fat/visceral body fat % & bone density. If you're in the OKC area, come by the office to get this scan.

If you want true Resilience, take steps to maintain lean muscle. For so many reasons.

You’ll NEVER hear an 80 year old man or woman say “You know, I just really wish I just had less muscle mass."

Lean muscle is simply the currency of longevity.  It’s more than aesthetics, or strength (though that one’s important- looking good & being strong isn't a bad thing) it also plays a huge role in maintaining metabolic health.

Skeletal muscle mass provides resilience, & loss occurs with time, as we age.  If you're interested in living longer and better, you'll do everything you can to avoid loss of lean muscle.


But poor lean muscle mass is also associated with poor cognition & dementia.  Whether that's correlation or causality, I frankly want to avoid that mess altogether, & that's what I want for all of you as well.  If we maintain robust physical health, yet don’t have our mental faculties to interact appropriately with our loved ones, recognize our grand/great grandchildren, what's the use?

While building and maintaining a good lean muscle won’t guarantee you a life free of chronic disease (we'll all punch our ticket sometime.. ) but it’ll certainly build resilience & stack the odds in your favor for delaying the inevitable, allowing you to enjoy a longer, more vital life.

Build & maintain lean muscle- it’s something you can control & a must if you want to slow aging, enhance healthspan and lifespan.

If you're in the OKC area, swing by for your DEXA. As always, we're here for any urgent medical needs.

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